Sep 29, 2020

The customer doubles, or rather triples the saving!

The customer is a major player in the fertilizer industry, located in the Po Valley.

In August 2018 a 1600kVA energy optimiser ENERSOLVE was installed at their production facility on the TR3 transformer line. Since it was installed, it has generated over 175,000kWh of energy savings, equivalent to over 15 tonnes of oil and approximately 70 of Co2.

The customer, satisfied with the excellent results obtained so far, has decided to purchase two other ENERSOLVE units of 1250kVA and 1600kVA respectively, to be installed in association with his TR1 and TR2 transformers.

Our ENERSOLVE team, as usual very attentive to saving, has decided to split each unit into two parts to minimize the installation costs and maximize the customer's ROI. This peculiar configuration will allow an easy installation, without carrying out costly structural modifications of the customer’s building.


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