Dec 1, 2020

Master-slave 2x1: the power has doubled

The manufacturing of 6 special detuned power factor correction systems MULTImatic FH20 for a large grain milling plant in Pakistan has been completed.

Each unit has a rated power of 685kvar/415V. They will be coupled in a master-slave configuration, to create three 1370kvar power factor correction systems for the 2500kVA MV/LV transformers powering the production plant.

The plant includes numerous inverter motors, which means high current harmonics . But thanks to the robust detuning chokes on board the MULTImatic FH20 (Fd = 180Hz), there will be no overload problems on the capacitors, nor of resonance in the LV power grid.

It is interesting to underline that, in addition to the "classic" power factor control and management functions, the RPC8BGA regulator on board the MULTImatic system performs several additional advanced functions, such as the measurement of the electrical parameters and of the Power Quality (calculation of the current and voltage THD and the relevant graphic representation). These functions can be remotely monitored through MODbus protocol (on RS485 or via TCP/IP) or with Profibus protocol. The regulator can also be connected to the system in the configuration with 3 current transformers: in this case it is an "additional" multimeter. Moreover, it can monitor the hours of operation and issue warnings that recall the execution of maintenance: an important feature to keep the power factor correction system always efficient and in perfect running order


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