Jun 15, 2021

4 reasons to have power factor corrections

Electricity Authorities: The Electricity Authorities, force companies distributing electricity to apply financial penalties to utilities that have a substantial contractual power and low energy cos phi (generally 0,9). The correct power factor of the electric plant allows you to avoid those penalties, which often are not reflected in the bill, and then are paid by the final user without even realizing it.

Economic convenience: Economical benefits due to penalties elimination and current reduction, with consequent optimized dimensioning of the components and increased life expectancy.

Energy efficiency: The power factor correction reduces the "useless" inductive currents required by the loads and that impacts the entire electric network, both in the generation, transmission and distribution stages. Power factor correction is therefore an important contribution to the energy efficiency of both the user's electrical system and the electricity grid.

Power Quality: In many industrial electric plants supplied by MT there is a tension considerably distorted, due often to excessive load of MV/LV transformer. The correct Power Factor Correction with a consequent load reduction by the transformer allow to bring it back to the operating conditions within the linearity limits, substantially reducing the voltage distorsion. Furthermore the proper Power Factor reduces the presence of harmonic currents.

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