Mar 8, 2022

Sleep soundly with Ortea Cloud

The reliability of Ortea voltage stabilisers is proverbial, can it be increased even more?

Sure! Thanks to the Ortea Cloud monitoring system, you can check all the operating parameters of your stabiliser in real time, wherever you are. In addition to the generation of alarms, this allows timely and predictive intervention, in order to minimise possible disruptions, that would cause additional costs due to unproductive personnel, loss of raw materials, machinery damage and malfunction, etc.

The multi-user mode allows you to create multiple user profiles on one device, giving access to the platform to one or more plant managers. Ortea offers a direct monitoring service on request, interfacing with the relevant technical team. Although considered by many companies, innovative monitoring solutions are rarely implemented: Ortea Cloud is currently being offered at a promotional price, now is the ideal time to discover it and start taking advantage of all the benefits it has to offer.

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