May 24, 2022

An Enersolve for every need: how to choose yours

Ortea Next is the ideal partner for your power quality problems. Our ability to study problems and design solutions has always been our hallmark.

We have recently introduced the ESL5 range in our Enersolve line to address the challenges faced by companies with low energy consumption (shops, retail outlets, offices, etc.). In these environments power quality issues are usually considered less important, but this is not always the case.

The Enersolve ESL5 is designed to lower the voltage level when this exceeds the minimum value required for correct operation of the system.

But what happens if the input voltage value frequently falls below the minimum value? The problem present at the input, although mitigated, is reversed at the output.

In this case it is worth considering the use of an Enersolve ESL10 energy efficiency solution, which in addition to limiting excess voltage is able to bridge the input voltage deficit (±10% input range).

To complete the range, Ortea has designed the Enersolve ESL20 to correct mains supply faults exceeding the requirements of the reference standard (±20% input range).


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