Jun 7, 2022

R&D Department: the future starts here

Today, the dynamic nature of markets and technological evolution mean that anticipating trends to respond quickly and effectively to changes is the primary goal for companies.

Ortea Next wishes to assist its customers along the path of transformation, satisfying every new need through continuous research and development. The aim of Ortea Next engineers is to create innovative, increasingly high-performance solutions.

The R&D department’s focus is currently on two projects:

  • the first involves the technological renewal of the Ortea Next Oxygen solutions range (sag compensators), with the aim of reducing the size of the equipment by using new-generation IGBT equipped with SiC technology;
  • the second relates to the creation of a new solution for eliminating the annoying phenomenon of micro-interruptions. The design specifications involve an intervention with a maximum duration of one second, which is activated in less than 10ms if the voltage sag exceeds 10%. The technology used involves IGBT and Ultracap.

Stay tuned to discover many other projects on their way!


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