Jun 17, 2020

Power factor correction: an excellent solution

Commissioning of an ICAR MULTImatic FD25/S 1500kvar power factor correction system installed in a large metal forging company. The new panel corrects the power factor of one of the largest presses in Italy (16,000ton), and is associated to a 1200kvar MULTImatic FD25/S, correcting the power factor of the manipulator (capable of handling pieces up to 100ton).

The press and the manipulator are very fast, but the two systems are able to timely correct the power factor, thanks to their thyristor switches: together, they are able to deliver almost 4000A in less than 100ms, without generating annoying transients for the system.

Thanks to this important power factor correction, the transformers powering this section (4x3150kVA) are relieved of the "effort" of carrying all the inductive reactive power needed by the motors on board the press and by the manipulator, thus reducing the thermal and mechanical stress.

The indestructible bimetallized paper capacitors of these two panels are very much appreciated in this "heavy industry" environment.

Power factor correction: an excellent solution to improve the energy efficiency and power quality of industrial plants.


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